BYOB is now BYOG (Glass)

Slap on the SPF 50 and break out the mosquito repellent.  Summer is officially here!  Outdoor activities are calling your name (tail gates, picnics, concerts, pool parties, etc).  The last things you want to haul around are a big clunky breakable wine bottle, glasses and a bottle opener.

In my quest to find a way to bring my favorite wine to my next BYOB party, I came across a company ONE87 Wine and Cocktails in Napa Valley that is looking to change the current juice box offerings and other ho-hum single serve options.  I had an opportunity to take a tour and meet with Bill Hamilton, the company founder and president.    

"The next big thing is the growth of the single-serve wine segment.  This is not your grandma's old wine box, cheap twist-top or can and the latest technology even allows consumers to drink from perfectly shaped wine glasses." said Bill Hamilton, President of ONE87 Wine and Cocktails. 

Seeing is believing and tasting was devine!  Next time make sure to BYOG (Glass)!  Cheers!